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By Dr. Dean Chavers

From Dean Chavers
Founder, Native American Scholarship Fund (now called Catching the Dream)—former President, Bacone College—former faculty member, California State University, Hayward—Current leader of the Exemplary Programs in Indian Education movement—Consultant in Indian Education for 35 years—Former Board Member, National Indian Education Association—Founder, National Coalition for Indian Education—newspaper columnist for 27 years—member of the Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island in 1969—decorated war hero, veteran of 138 missions in Viet Nam. 


Published June 2007 Mellen Press, P. O. Box 450, 415 Ridge St., Lewiston, NY 14092-0450, phone (716) 754-8566, fax (716) 854-4056, www.mellenpress.com. Two volumes, 792 pp. Library edition, $159.95. Please ask your library to order it for you! Hard back, long-lasting acid-free paper. Forty pictures.

The book is profiles of 87 Indian leaders of the modern age, most of whom no one has ever written about. A must book for every public library, Indian school library, tribal college library, college library, university library, and public school library. It features Roger Jourdain, Wendell Chino, Jim Thorpe, Billy Mills, Pat Locke, Lucy Covington, Jack Montgomery, and 80 others. 

Dr. Wayne Stein: Professor, Montana State University, 
“What a treat to read the bio/essay of each of 87 American Indian heroes chosen by Dr. Chavers. I know many of the modern heroes he has chosen to share with the readers and heartily agree with his selection of heroes. Several of my own mentors and personal heroes mentioned are Henrietta Mann, Lionel Bordeaux, Helen Scheirbeck, and Elouise Cobell. I only wish I could have known many more of those written about; what a collection of first class people! Our children, of all races, need to have this book as a reading assignment no later than their second year of high school.”

Gov. James Lujan, Taos Pueblo: 
“This book is about acknowledging and recognizing modern American Indian heroes and their contributions to Indian Country and/or to their particular tribes. When we neglect the heroic past of our modern American Indian heroes, we thereby weaken our Indian heritage. The heroes in this book defy any single description and share no common language and few common customs. But collectively their stories and contributions should be part of our shared and remembered heritage.”

Mr. Tim Giago, founder, Indian County Today, 
“It took Dr. Chavers two volumes to include the many names of so many Indian heroes he has met or read about over Indian Country. His book covers a gamut of Indian leaders like Jim Thorpe and Billy Mills, Corporal Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr., Winnebago, and Colonel Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, leader of the famed Black Sheep Squadron and a member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe of Idaho. It was an honor for me to be included in his books.”

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